Bangkok Property 泰国曼谷房地产

Thailand property Bangkok condo 泰国曼谷房地产

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At Bangkokproperty99, our team of expert real estate agents help buyers (locals/foreigners) source for, invest, buy, rent and manage their Thailand properties, particularly Bangkok condominiums; as well as property owners to effectively manage the sale process. 

  • Sale Services for Bangkok Property Buyers/ Sellers/ Developers
  • Leasing Services for Renters/Landlords
  • Property Management – Managing your Bangkok properties remotely
  • Investment Advisory
  • Bangkok Property survey trips
  • Renovation services

东盟自由经济体 (AEC) 已于2015 正式成型, 曼谷也因此成为东南亚地产市场的首选目标。 泰国房地产相对价格低廉, 租金回报率高昂 (5%-6% 起跳), 以及拥有永久产权优势。 房价每年涨幅稳定。

Bangkokproperty99 为专业房产投资顾问。 我们提供给顾客选择的投资标包含曼谷各地, 为您打造投资方案。 我们位于泰国曼谷办事处有房产中介专为中、台、港、新、马各地华侨提供咨询。 随时掌握泰国曼谷房产最新情报, 请联络我们:泰国 +668 9356 6329  or 097 996 6636 Whatsapp +65 9180 8804  LineID donhong  微信 donhongSG  Email

Keen to find out more about getting a Thailand property/ Bangkok condo, be it as an investment property (capital appreciation/rental income), or as a retirement home? Searching for your dream home in Bangkok / Thailand? Or an investment property / condominium in Bangkok?

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We help property buyers (locals/foreigners) source for and shortlist ideally-sited properties (condos) which are near key Bangkok transport modes (BTS/ MRT/ Airport Rail), desirable amenities, with potential for capital appreciation and rental prospects. While we focus largely on Bangkok condos with quotas available for foreigners, our property agents can assist based on your requirements, be it commercial, office or other property needs in Thailand.

Give any of our Bangkok real estate agents a call Rainy 09 0979 6941 or Khun Oil 091 546 5558. In Singapore, call/whatsapp +65 9180 8804

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Seek a rewarding real estate career, with ready new Bangkok condos, Thailand property development projects and prospective property clients to work on? Welcome to contact us. All property agents will be Bangkok-based. Email resume